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Atomek Design & Media

Tomek Sawan



Atomek Design & Media Established 2008

I have always been told that my eye and vision for the creatively unique is a special talent that I have possessed. I took it for granted for many years as a youth, but now that I have had the perseverance to pursue my passion and leverage my talents I find the desire to help others with my gifts. If it is through inspiration as one of my canvas mounted photos hangs in their home or a website that allows people to seek them out and enjoy their own brand of services or the ability for a message to inspire hundreds or thousands of people. My motivation for business is provide content that have value much higher than a monetary value but something that resonates deep within them and all whom they share it with.

My extensive knowledge in the media production realm allows me to provide a wide range of resources to any business. I have the ability to provide marketing consultations, marketing materials (Brochures, flyers, posters, business cards), viral video, photography (portrait, abstract, natural, etc.) and online presences. I can streamline your marketing. The personalized collaboration provides an easy one stop shop for you. Easier to manage, lower cost and impressive results.

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