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Tomek Sawan



Website design and User Interface (UI) layout has always been a passion of mine. In today's online environment, quality content will not satisfy your viewers alone. My creative eye will give your website a unique aesthetic appeal that will engage your audience.  There has to be a fundamental attraction to your senses that triggers your engagement.  Once you have someone's attention the hardest part is keeping their interaction level high.  Through simple, easy to use User Interface and visually attractive elements, a company/brand can redefine their image.  The return on investment that a quality, informative and beautiful website adds to your company/brand can not be substituted by anything else.  

Working with Atomek Design & Media I can  can provide you with an online presence that adds credibility and value to your image.  With my background in photography, video production and User Interface, I am a one-stop shop that will provide you with a competitive edge in today's ever growing online marketplace. 

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